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Cool Woodworking Projects

For those not familiar with woodworking, it can look like an intimidating, daunting activity. Not quite. With all the handy power tools available these days, anyone can take on simple yet cool wood projects. Here are some cool wood projects that look impressive but are really very easy to do. Floating shelves These shelves can…

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Simple Woodworking Projects

Most woodworking beginners start with simple projects such as a shelf or a box to hone their skills. These simple woodworking projects help one become familiar and comfortable working with various tools. It’s also a great way to practice getting corners right and lines straight. Here are some simple woodworking projects you might want to…

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Woodwork Project Ideas

Woodworking is a very rewarding and productive endeavor. There is a gratifying feeling as the wood takes on a beautiful form after hammering, sawing, and gluing pieces together to complete a project. Here are some woodwork projects for those with basic woodworking skills. Gather reliable tools like a circular saw, a hole saw, a power…

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Woodworking Bench Plans

A woodworking bench is a must for anyone who wants to work with wood. It is meant both for safety and convenience while working. It has to be built well to withstand all the movements while one is at work. It has to be able handle the weight of the wood and the force from…

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Beginner Woodworking Projects

We have two beginner woodworking projects below. They will be a good exercise for your cutting, carving, whittling, measuring, and drilling skills. Of course some machine work will also be needed. These projects are easy enough for any beginner. Basic Peg Rack Peg racks have always gone behind the door or at the back walls,…

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