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Cool Woodworking Projects

For those not familiar with woodworking, it can look like an intimidating, daunting activity. Not quite. With all the handy power tools available these days, anyone can take on simple yet cool wood projects. Here are some cool wood projects that look impressive but are really very easy to do. Floating shelves These shelves can…

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Woodworking Bench Plans

A woodworking bench is a must for anyone who wants to work with wood. It is meant both for safety and convenience while working. It has to be built well to withstand all the movements while one is at work. It has to be able handle the weight of the wood and the force from…

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DIY Wood Projects

DIY wood projects are incredibly easy to make. They are also surprisingly cheaper to make than buy. It is therefore a good idea to take out that tool box out and get started on woodworking. The following DIY wood projects require minimal woodworking knowledge and simple tools. Magazine Storage Bins This project acts not only…

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DIY Woodworking Project: Storage Box

There are lots of DIY woodworking projects that are perfect for beginners and do not require sophisticated tools. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to create a storage box. This DIY storage box is easy to make and takes only a little of your time. It only needs everyday simple tools.   Click HERE to…

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Wood Projects for Beginners

You will find below some of the easiest, attractive, yet useful wood projects for beginners. The best thing about these projects is that you don’t need an entire workshop or a complete set of tools to get them done. All you need are some common wood working tools and a bit of patience. Check them…

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