Cool Woodworking Projects

For those not familiar with woodworking, it can look like an intimidating, daunting activity. Not quite. With all the handy power tools available these days, anyone can take on simple yet cool wood projects.

Here are some cool wood projects that look impressive but are really very easy to do.

Floating shelves

These shelves can be made to look more than just a simple wooden plank hammered crookedly to the wall. It only takes a few basic woodworking skills.

Choose a nice-looking plank so you won’t have go all out just to make your floating shelves look fancy.

Rustic-looking wood planks are good options as they hold a certain attractiveness.

Wooden mobile holder


Keep your phones and gadgets stylishly organized with a cute mobile holder. Start with square edges if you’re still a beginner.

With more practice and confidence handling power saws and other tools, you can start working with more rounded shapes.

Be creative. Make one with the holder looking like a person is carrying the phone or a horse standing on its hind legs.

Wine rack

Cool wood projects such as creating an impressive wine rack are ideal for beginners as they require only basic woodworking skills.

Make sure to measure the width of the bottom portion of a wine bottle so that it’ll easily fit in your wooden wine rack.

If you’re planning to do something fancier, get a slab of wood with holes in one side for holding wine glasses.

Attach this piece of wood to the bottom of the wine rack.

Sofa sleeve

This is one cool woodworking project that’s easy to make.

Any couch potato will surely love this. Create a sofa sleeve to hold a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, or a drinking glass.

Add another slot for popcorn and another to hold the TV remote, if preferred.

This project will require a hole saw to make it easier for you to cut rounds into the wood.

Other tools you’ll need for this project are a drilling machine and clamps.

Take careful measurements so that the sleeve will fit well. The wood should be thick enough to provide depth to accommodate the cup/glass.

Choose wood that’s at least 1½ to 2 inches thick.

Wall rack

Keep your tools and other small items organized with a wall rack. A great idea is to create holes into wooden pallets for magnets.

These magnets will then hold the items in place.

Drill holes into the wooden pallet with a power drill. To make the wall rack strong enough to hold items like knives, create 2 holes for the magnets.

Drill one hole above then another below. The holes should be perfectly aligned.

Make sure to have enough space between adjacent holes so that the tools won’t look too crowded once they’re placed on the wall rack.

The magnets must be strong enough to keep the tools in place. Do not use this type of wall rack to hold very large or very heavy items such as a metal meat mallet.

If knives are to be placed on the wall rack, it is better and safer to attach them to the magnet with their pointy tips pointing upward.