DIY Wood Projects

DIY wood projects are incredibly easy to make. They are also surprisingly cheaper to make than buy. It is therefore a good idea to take out that tool box out and get started on woodworking. The following DIY wood projects require minimal woodworking knowledge and simple tools.

  • Magazine Storage Bins

This project acts not only as a storage bin for magazines; it can also hold small books and other paper materials. A plastic or metal storage bin cost a bit in retail stores. Making one for your own will literally cost you pennies.

Materials needed:

  • One by four pine wood
  • ¼ inch of plywood

Tools needed:

  • Air hose
  • Air compressor
  • Nail gun
  • Cordless drill
  • Saw
  • Drill bit set
  • Orbital sander
  • Jigsaw
  • Safety googles


  1. Mark the cuts

Cut the plywood into eight pieces measuring 11 ½ inches by 11 inches each. Using a one-galloon bucket, trace an s-curve from the corner of the plywood. Establish a smooth curve.

  1. Cut the curves

After marking the curve, stack the pieces together making sure that the curves are stacked on each other. Cut the curves carefully using the jigsaw or band saw. These pieces make the main side panels of the magazine storage bin.

Cut the pine boards into 6 inches, 9 and a half inches and 11 and a half inches length. These will make the other parts of the storage bin.

  1. Put it together

After cutting the curves, put the pieces together using nails. Use the S-curve panels as the sides.

  • Tree Branch Table

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own tree branch table. The DIY wood project table gives a very rustic yet classy vibe.

Materials needed:

  • Rectangular wooden
  • Thick branches
  • Thin branches
  • Glass top
  • Paint, preferably black

Tools needed:

  • Hot glue
  • Saw
  1. Pick the right box

Use a rectangular box as the ‘bones’ or base of this table. The box has to be stable enough to carry some weight as a table. A wine crate can be a good base for this table.

  1. Gather branches

Gather branches. Pick the branches that are both thick and thin. It should be noted that the thin branches should be straight and not too bent.

  1. Preparing the branches and box

The box should also be painted in black. Leave the box for the paint to dry. Meanwhile, cut the thick branches cross-sectional. Clean the thin branches for any leaf.

  1. Piecing it together

Glue the thin branches to the top and sides of the table. Glue the branches closely together to make it seem like the table is made from a solid stack of branches. The slices of the thick branches, on the other hand, will be glued to the shorter side of the table. The thin branches should be glued together tightly to make an illusion that the table is made from stacked branches.

  1. Those little touches

Place felt strips at the feet or bottom of the table. This will prevent the table from scratching the floor.

After the paint and glue has dried, place the glass top on the table.

  • Wooden Orbit mirror

This project can be used to up your room’s aesthetic appeal. The design was inspired from a thousand-dollar piece from a famous retail store. But it’ll only cost a few dollars.

Materials needed:

  • 10 to 15 SMALL wood cutouts measuring 1.5 inches each
  • 10 to 15 LARGE wood cutouts measuring 3 inches each
  • Five to 10 SMALL circular mirrors measuring 1 inch each
  • Five to 10 LARGE circular mirrors measuring 2 inches each
  • Wood glue
  • Tape or hooks
  • Tea bags


  1. Stain the wood

Stain the wood using the tea bags. Black tea bags will do the job best. Coffee grounds can also be a good substitute. However, the color will be a lot darker when using coffee grounds. Let the wood dry for at least an hour.

  1. Attaching the mirrors

Attach the mirrors to the wooden pieces carefully using PVA or wood glue. It is preferable to use the small mirrors for the small wood cutouts and the large mirrors for the large wood cutouts. You can be playful in placing the mirrors. The mirrors do not have to be at the dead center of the wooden cutouts.

  1. Attach the wood cutouts together

Attach the wood cutouts together using wood glue. Dry the pieces overnight.

  1. Hang it with pride

Hang the finish project on the wall using tape and hooks.

Wood furniture has a certain charm to it. It gives off a rustic and homey vibe that Americans truly love.