Easy Woodworking Projects: Startup Ideas to Create Wood Crafts

Easy Woodworking Projects: Startup Ideas to Create Wood Crafts

Are your DIY skills good enough to create wonderful wood craft products? Do you intend to test yourself by doing some easy woodworking projects? If so, there are so many cool ideas you can try to improve your skills in doing creative woodworking DIYs like the ones listed below. And the best part is, you don’t need to be a pro in order to do them.  Click HERE to learn more.

How to Start with Easy Woodworking Ideas

 At first, it may seem complicated and difficult to start a woodworking project at home. But if you actually try it, you will realize that it’s fun and simple to do. All you need is the extra effort and time to complete your first DIY project. If you know how to use a hammer and a nail, then the rest will be easier for you. Here are some of the easiest woodworking ideas you can try right now:

  • Hanging Planter. Perhaps, you have noticed that hanging planters make a huge hit today. That is exactly the reason why you should try making your own hanging planter at home. You simply have to work on a piece of wood or any material that you want as base and put a rope on it. You can use a jig saw to shape your hanging planter; just be careful when using the saw. 

  • Wood Wall Artwork. If you love wood wall artworks, you can decorate your home with your own art signs. Why buy when you can create your own wood wall artworks and display it with pride, right? Collect some pieces of wood in your garage and put your creative artwork on it. This wood craft is not only fun to do, but it also provides a practical decor at home. 

  • Utensil Organizer. Do you want to put some personal touch in your kitchen wares? You can make your own utensil organizer using scraps of wood and nail them together to form a mini compartment where you can put your forks and spoons. Paint them too add color to your kitchen.

  • X-Shaped Coasters. Another practical woodworking idea is the x-shaped coaster project. If you have unused sticks in your storage room or garage, you can repaint them so they will look like brand new. Then, nail them to form an x-shaped coaster. Repeat it until you achieved the desired number of cool coasters for your guests.

 An Easy Woodworking Project For You

Let’s make it a little more detailed for you so you will be guided on how to start an easy woodworking project. Today, you will learn how to create a personalized paper towel holder. All you need are the following materials to start making this wood craft:

  • Jig saw
  • table saw
  • disc sander
  • orbital sander
  • drill press with 3/4” diameter forstner bit
  • router with 1/4” radius roundover bit and 1/16” radius roundover bit
  • bar clamps with 12” opening
  • trammel point set

Steps to Follow

The paper towel holder is an excellent gift idea for special occasions including Christmas. It’s so easy to make but there are some important things to consider before doing this woodwork. Watch out for the drifting drill bits as you drill holes on the wood. Using an awl can help you punch the center points safely while guiding the bits when you drill the holes. To start the project, follow these simple steps:

  1. Review your construction design to make the woodwork process easier.
  1. Stick 3 bits together using a glue to make a sturdy base.
  1. Layout the circle shape and holes on the base. After countersinking and drilling the holes, cut out the circle shape. Then smooth the edges and mob the 1/4” radius roundover bit.
  1. Cut the stay bar, center post, and bits to the desired sizes. Layout a finger hole on the center post and the radius top ends of each bit. Then drill the finger hole on the center post.
  1. Use the 1/16” radius roundover bit in order to circle over the edges. The bit creates a tiny eased edge looking roundover. You can smooth the edges to create a finger-friendly paper towel holder.
  1. Cut the circle-shaped top ends of the stay bars and center post. Lay out the pilot holes and drill the screw at the bottom end of each bit. Mob the 1/4” radius roundover edges and smooth the parts.
  1. You can now apply the finishing to complete the woodwork project. Ideally, you can use a wipe-on, water-based polyurethane because it’s quick and long-lasting.