I Blame Mr B!

In my mind the reason I continued to fail for so many years was all down to my high school wood shop teacher, Mr. B.

Firstly because he was the one who fired up my fascination for working with wood, and secondly, for hand-spooning us great detailed plans on every aspect of completion…

My high school wood shop!

My (not so crazy) guess is that you’ve probably done some or all the following in your efforts to be successful in your joinery and woodworking projects:

  • You spent AGES looking for the right plans and designs
  • You’ve been FREAKED OUT at the ever-mounting cost involved in buying the right tools
  • You had a fit of DESPERATION, put down your tools, and nearly hired a professional
  • You CHOKED on your coffee when the professional told you their price
  • You became FRUSTRATED and just went out and bought the ‘thing’ you were supposed to be making
  • You spent a small FORTUNE on a growing pile of books, magazines and guides
  • You’ve sat with your head in your hands when you considered all your UNFINISHED projects
  • You’ve fallen out of you chair thinking about all the time and money you’ve wasted

I Went Through ALL the Same Stuff!

Look, if it sounds like I might have more than a little empathy with what you are going through in figuring out this DIY wood project ‘thing’,

It's because I've really had to very slowly and very painfully go through ALL the same frustrations and dead-ends myself.

I went through them one after another along with piles of wasted cash and time spent in vain!

Granted, that’s quite a depressing list! However I’m going to encourage you to FORGET the past and RELAX in the knowledge that…

None of that matters now – REALLY!  Click HERE to learn more.

Back to Mr. B…

Mr. B was a true craftsman when fashioning anything in wood: of that there was no doubt.

And he was an awesome teacher of his craft to everyone around him, most of all, the pain in the ass young teenager I posed back in the day.

However, by spoon-feeding us intel on how to create the perfect project, we weren't prepared for the real world of inaccurate plans, diagrams, guidance,  piss poor instructions and expensive tools!


So, Mr. B planted the woodworking seed and the desire, but not the lasting knowledge I needed to successfully create the various DIY wood projects I would attempt later in my life.

Thanks Mr. B!  (I'm joking; he's still a great guy)!

The Baby, the Beers and the Promise!


So, fast forward to a couple of years ago, in fact to just seconds after the promise I made to my newly pregnant wife that I would build her a wooden baby crib and… wait for it (‘cos that wasn’t all) – a baby-dresser and drawers!!!

When I made this clearly audible (and acknowledged) statement, I know I wasn’t thinking too clearly.

But I do remember that it was right after a few beers had been consumed at our neighbor’s BBQ.

And right after his wife had shown mine the $1,000 crib and $1,500 baby dresser they had just bought online (gorgeous stuff but wow, a lot of $$$).

$1,000 Crib!

$1,500 Dresser!

It was a case of ‘Eric the Ego’ just grabbing a hold of my brain and then kidnapping my mouth.

Mr. Ego took charge in the knowledge that my wife and I could not afford over $2,500 on two pieces of furniture for our new arrival.

Combined with watching the look of initial delight on my wife’s face turn into resignation when she realized the same.

Basically, I was screwed!  I was now in massive emotional debt to my wife and (equally as costly) egotistical debt to my neighbors and it would also seem to our family, plus the other friends my wife had decided to share my decision with!

The other non-negotiable factor to my promise was that Mother Nature was going to impose an uncompromising deadline on me delivering on that promise – whether I liked it or not!

Given what you know of my woodworking skills at that point in my life you’ll probably recognize that I was in DEEP SH*T.

In truth, I had never been more MOTIVATED to change my situation than I was at that moment in time!  Click HERE to learn more.

Thank God Al Gore Invented the Internet.

He did… right?

Anyhow even he didn’t, for the next two weeks the web became my world as I tried to come up with a solution that would help me make good on the commitments I had now put out into the world and critically into my wife’s ever so focused super-computer she calls a memory.

The web was now my go to source because, if you recall, I had tried every other damn thing there was going!

Meet My New BFF (Best Friend Forever)!

That’s right!  In fact, I swore I was going to name my first born after this guy!

However, fate had a hand in steering that promise and gave us a little girl – so I named our new Labrador puppy after him instead!

The thing is, that after 13 days of web browsing, searching, finding and then testing I found the ABSOLUTE ANSWER to my and in fact ANY woodworker’s dreams!   Click HERE to learn more.

First, why not look at the results?  Just a guess, but I’m thinking that you’re somewhat impressed with the outcome of my big-mouthed promises.

It’s a more than an understatement to mention that my wife was beyond thrilled when she finally saw the fruits of my labors proudly placed in our decorated nursery…

In fact there were also more than a few tears shed that day.

Needless to say, my neighbors (they would be the ones that spent $2,500 on store-bought baby furniture), friends and family were also blown-away and started dropping hints about items they’d like me to build for them.

Anyway, after our first child was born – and was enjoying her hand-made crib and baby-dresser, I will add – I figured out I needed an upgrade on my bedroom furniture!

So, I went ahead and built this Cherry Dresser for my bedroom!

Once again, I used the designs, processes and instructions all put together by the same guy that changed my woodworking life.

Why this WILL Work for YOU?


What completely rocked my boat about what this guy offered, was how he had manged to get every aspect of DIY Woodworking totally covered via this extremely well-founded and established five-point plan.

  • Complete Material, Cutting & Tool Schedules
    You’re given the precise materials, tools and cutting list for every project. So, you have complete confidence in knowing you’ll be able to buy exact quantities of supplies and materials, avoiding unnecessary expense and waste of your hard-earned money and precious time.
  • Precision Detailed Instructions
    These guides take you from ‘Go to Whoa’ and critically, they’ll ensure you’re never left 2nd guessing if you’re still on the right track or what might come next.
  • 3-D Diagrams
    For every step including the complete finished project with expanded views so none of the details are ever left out. It really makes easy work out of the most challenging woodworking projects that you can ever imagine.
  • HD Quality Images & Videos
    Visual and graphical aids that are ‘just like being there’ and for some are the missing link in fully understanding how each step of a project is carried out. You’ll get to see and watch details of every angle, every corner and every joint. There is nothing that is as simple and straight forward to make building your DIY wood projects a total joy.
  • Duration & Difficulty Levels
    This enables you to evaluate each individual project based on the time factor and difficulty level. Then you can make an informed decision whether any of the projects you’re working on is suited to your skills.

As you develop your woodworking skills, you can then take on larger and more complex projects on an increasingly grander scale.

Having this superlative 5-Point plan available to you is the next best thing to having a master craftsman in your work space, checking your progress along the way, helping you get each step right and giving you confidence throughout the entire process.

Did I mention that you also get 16,000 different wood project design plans that cater for people with every level of skill and competence?

Designed so YOU can excel at your chosen hobby…

It really doesn’t matter what level of woodworker you consider yourself – beginner, amateur, intermediate or pro.

This package is designed for YOU.   <Click HERE to learn more.

There are literally thousands of DIY wood projects that will work out for you and will have you grinning from ear-to-ear.

Especially when you’re sitting back gazing on your finished masterpiece or just smiling whilst going about the business of enjoying your favorite pastime.