Simple Woodworking Projects

Most woodworking beginners start with simple projects such as a shelf or a box to hone their skills.
These simple woodworking projects help one become familiar and comfortable working with various tools. It’s also a great way to practice getting corners right and lines straight.
Here are some simple woodworking projects you might want to try:


A workbench is a handy thing to have. It’s great for organizing tools and materials and streamlining operations in any workspace.
There are many types of workbenches. It can be a standalone one that looks more like a simple table, only higher and longer than a coffee table. It can also be a cabinet workbench or one attached to the wall.
It can be a large 4 x 8 workbench for future woodworking projects as well.


This may seem like a simple project but it does require some careful planning.
The base of the bookends must be wide enough to keep the books upright or else the bookends themselves would easily topple over.

Napkin holder

The great thing about napkin holders is that they are useful as well as decorative. It keeps table napkins organized while adding an aesthetic touch to your dining table.
A wooden napkin holder makes for a wonderful addition to a rustic-themed dining area.

iPad dock

This is another simple woodworking project that beginners can work on. The dock isn’t strictly limited for iPads alone.
The size can be adjusted in order to hold different types of gadgets like smartphones and tablets.
This dock can be as simple as pieces of wood nailed or glued together to hold gadgets upright.
It can also be creatively done like using some amusing or cute figures for the base. The dock might be made to resemble a TV or a photo frame.

Coat Racks

Create something functional and fun, such as a coat rack, while honing your woodworking skills.
Coat racks are easy to do. This project will teach you how to achieve balance in your future woodworking projects, especially while you’re working on the base of the rack.
Remember, too, that the height of the rack must be based on the dimensions of the base.
Some newbies may want to forego learning about base and heights by creating a hanging coat rack. That’s fine, too.
Just keep in mind that a hanging coat rack also needs to have a base thick enough to bear the weight of hung items.

Wooden boxes

Of course, every beginner should create at least one simple wooden box. It can be a box to hold small items, a desk organizer, or even a planter.
This project can surely help you practice your skills in measuring, creating corners, and keeping lines straight.
This project is ideal for beginners as it teaches one about engineering and basic forms. A wooden box may look like a no-brainer, but those corners are not that easy to make without some practice.
It’s a good idea for newbie woodworkers to perfect creating these boxes before embarking on other simple woodworking projects.