Woodwork Project Ideas

Woodworking is a very rewarding and productive endeavor.
There is a gratifying feeling as the wood takes on a beautiful form after hammering, sawing, and gluing pieces together to complete a project.
Here are some woodwork projects for those with basic woodworking skills.
Gather reliable tools like a circular saw, a hole saw, a power drill, tape measure, gloves, and safety goggles.
Choose a good piece of wood that’s durable and easy to work with.

Backyard lounger

This is a basic yet very functional piece. It can be a fancy one or something simple, similar to the Adirondack chair.
For the latter, you only need two 1-inch thick pieces of 10” x 10” wood.
Those with basic woodworking skills can complete this project in just 2 hours.

Chess Board/Checkers Board

The challenge here is the patience to create 64 small square wooden pieces.
Thirty-two (32) pieces should be made with one type of wood while the other 32, with another type of wood.
This is to create the alternating colors/design of the game board.
Glue these small wooden square pieces together in an alternating design. Then, create a border to keep the pieces in and make the entire board look professionally done.


These are versatile pieces that make for good woodwork projects.
You can place a large plank over two sawhorses to create a makeshift table.
Sawhorses can even be transformed as makeshift chairs.
The challenge in making sawhorses is to get the legs right. The legs should not be wobbly and must be well-balanced.
This project is also a good idea to make use of scrap 2x4s.

A-Frame Toolbox

This project comes in various designs to fit different woodworking skill levels.
The toolbox can be a plain shallow rectangular box with a handle. It can be further divided into smaller boxes to hold specific tools.
The challenge here will be in creating the divisions of the toolbox.



Interested in making something big yet still simple enough? Try making a pergola.
A pergola is like a simple gazebo of sorts. It may also look like a simple wooden shed but without the walls.
It has 4 posts and a roof made with wooden planks.
For this particular project, there are no walls. It’s an open-style one that will be a great, aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden or yard.
The roof is not exactly a roof — you have a support beam at the edges while the middle part is made of crossbeams with large spaces in between.
This design is usually seen in Italian Renaissance-style gardens or walkways. It is also often used as grape arbors.
The challenges lie in the size of project and meticulous measurements of the materials.
It is crucial to measure each piece carefully so you won’t end up with a crooked or lopsided pergola.
The long wooden posts and beams must all have the exact same length.
Whatever your skill level is in woodworking, these are great woodwork projects you might want to try.
These can be challenging enough for advanced skill levels but still simple enough for beginners.